Monday, November 26, 2012

Slow and Steady May Just Win the Race

I have been putting off writing for the last two weeks because I didn't think the clomid would work this month. Just to recap:

We are on 150mg of clomid.
We are monitoring my ovaries every few days to track the growth of the follicles.
Once a follicle is big enough (and I don't ovulate) we will induce ovulation wtih a HCG trigger shot.
Once I actually do ovulate (a day after the trigger shot) we are doing an IUI.

So my first few appointments weren't very promising - none of my follicles were getting big enough to ovulate. I figured we would have to just wait to try again in January. But on day twenty I went in for one last check and wouldn't you know it, we had a late bloomer follicle!! I was so excited I cried, and the ultrasound tech looked at me like, "Geeze Lady, hormonal much?"

I had another first this month. I got to do the "trigger" shot, yay!! It really isn't that bad. The medication is already in the shot and the needle is super tiny. I didn't feel a thing. Also, I had my husband give me the shot, and he distracted me while he did it. Then I got a lolly pop. So we did that Monday night, and then we came back Wednesday morning for the IUI.

If you don't know what an IUI is, here is a really great website the will explain in more detail than I am willing to go. But basically my hubby gives a, uh, "sample" to the doctor, who measures, counts, and washes them, and adds them to a serum that will make them swim better. Then the sample is injected into my uterus (which is accessed via a medieval torture device). The look on my husband's face when the nurse asked him if he wanted to push the syringe to inject the semen was hilarious! I think he was still in shock over the torture device, and felt more comforable sitting in the corner of the room with his jaw dropped.

I feel like the stars are aligning this month. His sample was perfect and the follicle was perfect. I'm just hoping they swim straight to that egg. And now we are in that awkward 2-week waiting period where you over-analyze every little cramp or nauseous feeling just hoping and praying that this month it will work out. This month you will be one of the lucky 5-15%. And if not, here's hoping for next month!!

Yours Truly,
Sister K

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