Friday, December 7, 2012


Hey Everyone!

I am new to this blog and so excited to join! My name is Sister M, and I am a classmate of Sister H.

So here's our story:

My husband and I have been trying for about a year now with no luck. We went into the doctor to see if anything was wrong in September of this year, I thought for sure I had endometreosis because of my heavy periods and cramping every month. They run tests and check my uterus and turns out I am totally fine. I also ovulate every month which is good! Next, they have my husband do a seminalysis. Come to find out, his sperm count is low. They put him on an antibiotic for 10 days since it might be due to an infection in the testicles. He goes back in for another seminalysis, and the meds didn't work. This time they put him on a higher dose of the drugs twice a day for 30 days. Sperm count is still low. They now want to just send him to a Urologist and be done with him. In the mean time, I do some research and hear that low sperm count can be due to a varicocele, which is where one side of the veins in the testicle is twisted/knotted, blocking normal sperm flow, and the only cure is surgery. I decide to check his "area", and I think I find a small area of this. Hubby goes to the doctor to get it checked for sure, and they say he does have it a little but not enough to affect his sperm count. The doctor then decides to test his testosterone levels and they come back a little low. He now wants to do more tests to see if it is due to a neurological defect or something else. Either way, it is apparently treatable, but we have not gotten any definite answers yet.

In the mean time, we found a natural fertility supplement that is supposed to help boost sperm count. All reviewers said they either got pregnant or it at least boosted their count even if they weren't pregnant yet, and even though we are not getting our hopes up we decided to try it. He has been taking it for a couple weeks now, so we continue to track my ovulation and try every month.

As Sister H has mentioned before, it has been so hard living in this small town where everyone and their mom in pregnant or has a baby, many without even trying. I hate the "pep" talks, and the snotty remarks people say when they find out you are trying with no success yet. Even just people saying to me "Oh you've been trying THAT LONG!?" that drives me nuts. I hate when people at church just expect you to get pregnant right away, and when you're one of the only couples that aren't, they don't know what to say to you, so they always say the wrong thing. Especially since they all get together as moms only.

So that's my little schpiel, enduring through it! I will keep you all updated :)

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  1. Just FYI - my sister gave me a great tip - when popel asked why we didn't have kids yet, I'd respond, "We're practicing!" It shut everyone right up! Good luck!!!